Susan Strong

Sue works Jodie Lee over with some serious neck moves

Sue tries ( in vain) to Pin Jodie

The sheer power of Sue`s legs, begin to sap Jodie`s strength

SUSAN STRONG was a well known and noted free-style wrestler. Although never contracted to the BWA, Sue did make a few appearances from 1989 to 91 for Action Promotions. Sue never felt comfortable in the Pro Rings and did`nt make much headway in that particular scene. However, she took on some noted opposition when allowed to use her Freestyle Amateur prowess in the rings, and with surprising results.

Just as Sue found it difficult to adapt to Ring Wrestling, a few well known Pros fell victim to Sue`s own brand of grappling which was totally different.

Sometimes she wrestled under the name `L.A. Sue` drawing notice to the fact she had wrestled in the USA.

Try as she could, there was no escape for Jodie

This superb Combined Neck and Arm stretch had Miss Lee screaming her Submission. No hiding Sue`s delight...

Sue relaxes after her surprise Win over Jodie Lee